The world can do without fossil energy

And the good news is: we can start today!

Let’s switch to non-fossil fuels

BTG-BTL is a global leader in technology to produce non-fossil fuels and non-fossil carbon products. We build turn-key production plants that use non-food biomass as feedstock for the production of biofuels and biobased chemicals.

With our technology the world can start producing NF2 fuels and materials - non-fossil, non-food – for a truly sustainable future.

Why the world needs NF2 fuels and materials

We cannot remain within safe levels of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and at the same time meet the increasing energy demands of our global population with fossil fuels. We need a transition towards non-fossil, renewable sources of energy, such as wind-, solar- and hydropower. However, these sources cannot entirely provide for our energy needs. We need additional sources of non-fossil energy – and non-fossil carbon! – if we want to build a truly sustainable future.

The challenge

There are three problems to solve in order to build a non-fossil future:

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1. Weather dependency

The availability of wind and solar power varies with the weather conditions; to secure our energy supply we need an additional source of energy that is always available.

2. Energy density

For specific means of transport (e.g. container ships, planes) and the production of high-temperature heat for industrial processes we need the high energy density that only a liquid fuel can provide. Keep in mind that transport and industry make up 60% of the energy consumption in Europe (source: Eurostat).

3. Carbon sourcing

For the production of many materials used in daily life (e.g. for housing, cars, wind turbines) we rely on a source of carbon. Today most of that carbon comes from crude oil.

The solution: NF2 fuels

NF2 (non-fossil, non-food) fuels and materials offer a truly sustainable solution to the energy challenge. NF2 fuels and materials complement wind-, solar- and hydropower as non-fossil sources of energy and non-fossil suppliers of carbon for biobased chemicals.

The right biomass

Plants and trees grow by using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. For thousands of years, we humans have been using them as resources for food, energy and materials. NF2 is the modern-day application of this ancient practice, using pyrolysis technology to make it truly sustainable.

NF2 fuels are produced from strictly non-food residues from sustainable forestry and agriculture. Examples are sawdust, pruning residues, sunflower husks, wheat straw, corn stover, bagasse and roadside grass. We choose the right biomass in the right place and use pyrolysis technology to retrieve the minerals.

By locally converting these residues into bioliquids, we provide additional income and employment in rural areas. NF2 fuels ensure that societies will thrive, as will the soil, plants and animals around us.